Vesrah ATV rotor is limited item but has a big demand rotor of ATV.


Especially, Polaris Rotor is made of Stainless Steel material as well as Yamaha, but OEM rotor of Polaris is made of Iron Steel.


Vesrah is going to increase the item of rotor for ATV gradually.

Prefix of Product  VR    example VR-2001


VR-2001 (Rear)

VR-2002 (Rear)

VR-2003 (Front)

YFS200, YFZ350 etc

YFM350X etc

YFM400 all models etc



VR-9001 (Front)

VR-9002 (Rear)

Rotor Box

Scrambler 400/500 etc

Scrambler 400/500 etc


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