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Japan Stops the best in the world
Japan Stops the best in the world

Off Road Racing Pad

Off-road is generally low speed, and the temperature of the brake is low due to the road surface.
Excellent touch and Controllability even at low temperatures is required.

Features of DX Pad

  1. Front and Rear Sintered Material.
  2. The Front is effective even if hold it lightly touch
    A material with a high coefficient of friction is used.
  3. The Rear is difficult control than the front
    A material is used a low coefficient of friction than Front


DX Pad can be used for the following competitions.

  • Moto Cross
  • Trial
  • On time Enduro
  • Cross Country
  • Rally
  • Hard Enduro
  • Dart Truck
  • Motard


Please call DX Pad for Vesrah Off-Road Racing Pad.
DX-161, DX-295, DX-947 for the front, and DX-144, DX-168, DX-271, DX-997 for the rear are covered most of off road model vehicle.
In addition, the CRF250 has DX-181 for the front and DX-182 for the rear, and DX-265 for the front and DX-432 for the rear for Yamaha SEROW 250.

Model Application

HONDA CRF250F 19-23 DX-161 DX-168
CRF250R 04-23 DX-161 DX-168
YAMAHA YZ125 08-21 DX-280 DX-271
YZ125 22-23 DD-295 DX-271
YZ250F 01-02 DX-161 DX-144
YZ250F 03-07 DX-161 DX-271
YZ250F 08-20 DX-280 DX-271
YZ250F 21-23 DX-295 DX-271
YZ450FM 03-07 DX-161 DX-271
YZ450FM 08-20 DX-280 DX-271
YZ450FM 21-23 DX-295 DX-271
SUZUKI RM-Z250 03-07 DX-161 DX-271
Kawasaki KX450SR 20-23 DX-161 DX-271
KX450 20-23 DX-161 DX-271
KTM 85SX 21-23 DX-947 DX-997
125SZ 04-23 DX-947 DX-997
250SX-F 06-23 DX-947 DX-997
450SX-F 03-23 DX-947 DX-997
GAS GAS MC85 21-23 DX-947 DX-947
MC250F 21-23 DX-947 DX-947
MC450F 21-23 DX-947 DX-947
HUSQVARNA TC85 21-23 DX-947 DX-947

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