Vesrah Company, Inc.

Japan Stops the best in the world
Japan Stops the best in the world

About Vesrah

Company Background

Vesrah is a Japanese company based in Tokyo Japan. We have been supplying parts for aftermarket motorcycles and other power sports equipment worldwide for more than seventy years.

Company Philosophy

Our reputation rests on our philosophy spelled out in our name.

we believe that quality, rather than price, is what makes the difference in a rider’s overall experience and safety
we make sure that all our products deliver what we promise
the design and material of our products are of the highest standards, leading to consistently high user satisfaction
racers and leisure riders alike enjoy OEM performance in all our aftermarket products
the power of “and” (vs. “or“) means no compromises or shortcuts in manufacturing our products
reliable parts performance; excellent control of braking and cornering maneuvers with Vesrah brakes means better rider safety

Management Policy

Vesrah 3C

Vesrah doesn’t have any corporation, office, branch in USA. Vesrah developed High Performance Quality Products for Street, Off Road, ATV, UTV and Racing etc to give users satisfaction at all time.

Vesrah sales point is quality rather than price and always considering Quality Confidence. Our data base information is helpful to find out Vesrah product by Model or OEM number, Please use and enjoy Vesrah Products.


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