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Japan Stops the best in the world
Japan Stops the best in the world

Materials and Processes

Vesrah’s high performance brake pads match or exceed OEM products. Whether you choose sintered or ceramic pads, you will enjoy the fruits of more than seven decades of careful attention to precision dimensions and material composition.

Sintered or Ceramic? Which type of brake pad you choose depends on what you ride, which OEM brakes you have, and your riding style.

Sintered metal is a must for racers and riders of street, dirt and ATV/UTV vehicles who demand high performance, superior control, and excellent durability. Racers value Vesrah’s sintered metal brake pads for their excellent initial bite, stability at elevated temperatures and reliability in all weather conditions. Safety-minded leisure riders also value these qualities.

Vesrah’s sintered metal brake pads consist of between 50%-60% copper. Why copper? Copper plating of the iron back plate allows for better pressurized welding with friction material, at temperatures typically between 1200°F and 1500° F. Other materials in our sintered metal brakes pads include tin, auxiliary friction material, graphite, and lubricant.

By the way, did you know that the iron back plates for our Racing brake pads are made with the same process used to make Katana (Japanese swords) so strong? This process results in dimensional stability at the higher temperatures that racing produces.

Ceramic pads consist of aramid fiber, metallic fiber, ceramic powder, abrasives and lubricants. These materials are mixed with formulations of phenolic resin to form the brake pad. This is where 70 years of our accumulated know-how and experience comes into play.

Aramid fibers are synthetic fibers used in aerospace and other heat-resistant applications that also require strength. Vesrah first introduced aramid fiber brake pads in 1989 as an asbestos substitute.

When metal powder components exceed 50%, the pads are called Semi-Metallic. Our semi-metallic brake pads give you more stopping power. They are also compatible with stainless steel rotors.

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