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Japan Stops the best in the world
Japan Stops the best in the world

Clutch Discs

Vesrah Clutch Discs

Vesrah has two different kinds of friction materials to cover current powerful motorcycle for Street, Dirt, ATV and so on. Vesrah clutch friction is high quality and precision product.

Please choose clutch friction for your sales strategies and demands of market.

Fibrous Material

Fibrous Material Clutch Friction Plates are made of Paper Composite and adopted for most of new Japanese models.

This new type of clutch friction material is a good performance than traditional cork material.

Cork Material

Cork Material Clutch Friction give you an excellent Cost-Performance.

Cork is used current big motorcycle such as Yamaha R1.

Material for clutch friction will be decided by performance of clutch operation.

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Japan All Vesrah products are made in Japan.

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