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Japan Stops the best in the world
Japan Stops the best in the world

Win Rear Pads

Win New Rear Pads leads to Victory for you!

Cornering is one more chance to head for your WIN.Erase your hesitation around corners with comfortable REAR-braking control,for fast and smooth performance around those bends.

Features of Win Pad

  1. Excellent Cornering Control
  2. No chattering
  3. Select from three distinct REAR-Braking materials to suit YOUR riding style and Win the race.

Which WIN Pad material is right for you?

All three WIN Pads provide excellent cornering and chatter control.



Just started riding? Don’t like to use the rear brake? With B-Pads, REAR-braking is much more comfortable and safer without locking. B-Pads are recommended for 250cc or smaller engine bikes.

Braking Effectiveness
less Power



E-Pads are for expert riders who have a lot of experience with REAR-braking. The E-Pad REAR-braking material has more definitive REAR-braking power that gives you greater control. E-Pads are recommended for 600cc or bigger engine bikes.

Braking Effectiveness



P-Pads are perfect for expert riders looking for decisive REAR-braking power, a step up from E-Pads (BROWN).

Braking Effectiveness
Power Plus



For use rear pad often rider & Bigger Engine use.

Braking Effectiveness
Strong Power

Model Application

Makes Model Application
(Rear Use)
Vesrah Number
B-Pad E-Pad P-Pad S-Pad
Honda NSR50 XD-144B XD-144E XD-144P
NSR100 XD-144B XD-144E XD-144P
NSR250R XD-144B XD-144E XD-144P
GROM XD-182B XD-182E XD-182P
CBR250RR XD-147B XD-147E XD-147P
CBR250R XD-147B XD-147E XD-147P
CBR600RR XD-174B XD-174E XD-174P XD-174S
CBR1000RR XD-174B XD-174E XD-174P XD-184S
CBR1000RR-R XD-964B XD-964E XD-964P XD-964P
Yamaha YZF-R6(〜14) XD-163/2B XD-163/2E XD-163/2P XD-163/2S
YZF-R6(15〜) XD-174B XD-174E XD-174P XD-174S
YZF-R7 XD-163/2B XD-163/2E XD-163/2P XD-163/2S
YZF-R3 XD-290B XD-290E XD-290P
YZF-R25 XD-290B XD-290E XD-290P
Suzuki GSX-R125 XD-182B XD-182E XD-182P
GSX-R150 XD-182B XD-182E XD-182P
GSX-R600 XD-174B XD-174E XD-174P XD-174S
GSX-R1000 XD-174B XD-174E XD-174P XD-174S
Kawasaki ZX-25R XD-163B XD-163E XD-163P
Ninja 250 XD-250/4B XD-250/4E XD-250/4P
Ninja 250SL XD-250/4B XD-250/4E XD-250/4P
Ninja 400 XD-446B XD-446E XD-446P
ZX-6R XD-174B XD-174E XD-174P XD-174S
ZX-10R XD-174B XD-174E XD-174P XD-174S
BMW G310 XD-953B XD-953E XD-953P
M1000RR XD-436B XD-436E XD-436P XD-436S

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