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Japan Stops the best in the world
Japan Stops the best in the world

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Street Brake Pads

Leisure riders, Vesrah offers you three choices of brake pad types: ceramic (SD series), sintered metal (VD-JL) and a sintered brake adapted from our line of racing brake pads for cruising/touring biking (ZD-CT). You could think of them in terms of traditional retailing’s “Good, Better, Best” classification. Let’s take a quick tour of these options.

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Sintered metals tend to have lower brake coefficients at lower temperatures, between 50°C and 100° C, compared with ceramic brakes. Sintered metal brakes develop strong braking power after an initial bed-in time of 1-2 laps around the track, and they fade at much higher temperatures. Their friction coefficient is between 0.6~0.7.

For more information on sintered metals, please see our Materials and Processes page.

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